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Club Penguin Mission 10 Cheats - Waddle Squad Tutorial

Mission 10, Waddle Squad, has been realesed.

here is the tutorial:

1. Talk to G, Jetpack Guy, and Rookie, then pick up the box of odds and ends from Gary’s Gadgets.
2. Then go to the Beach and talk to the penguin with the jetpack. The jetpack penguin’s fuel ran out and he needs cream soda.
3. Go into the Lighthouse and pick up the empty barrel.
4. Go back to the beach and give the barrel to the jetpack penguin.
5. Follow the help message and divide the units exactly how it says until you get to the end.
6. Go to the Dock and talk to the penguin holding the rope. Then put the rope in your inventory.
7. Then go to the Gift Shop and talk to Rookie, give Rookie the solar panel which you recieved from G’s gadgets at the beginning of the mission. Talk to the manager of the Gift Shop then take the big table and bring it outside to the Town. Place it near the entrance to the Snow Forts and the Gift Shop. For the gift, take the clothes on the ground in the Gift Shop and put it on the table you just placed outside. 8. Attach the solar panel to the magnets wires. Read the instructions on how to program it.

9. Then go to the Night Club. Put the rope on the pulley near the cage and hit the lever. The machine will then break down, open it using the Screwdriver on your Spy-Phone. Then align the gears so they fit well.
10. Then teleport back to the HQ, you will recieve a call saying to to the Dock. At the Dock you will see Klutzy holding up a Herbert Dummy.
11. Your spy-phone will ring again. Answer it, then go to the Night Club.
12. Capture Herbert by pulling the red lever down on him.
13. Take the jetpack from the jetpack man and put it on the red lever to capture Herbert again.
14. Rookie will hand Herbert the spy phone and Herbert will escape again.

Collect your medal and gift.

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